How To QScout

Being a QScout is easy. All you need is a sense of adventure and the desire to share with others. It also helps to have the right tools, QScout Tools. If you have an Android phone then get the QScoutTools app for FREE from the Android Market. Just use the Market app on your phone and search for QScout Tools or Qingxit.

If you do not have an Android phone, do not worry. You can use the tools on the web site: and either way, you will want to be a Registered QScout. And that's free too! Ask for an invite, here: Me, me, me! I want to join!

A QScout, whether in the field with the app or on the web, lays down Qingxit to record places of interest for all to see. The places may offer something to do, something to see, a place to go, a place to see, a place of interest, a sight to see, a tourist trap, a roadside attraction, or even more.

Here are some examples:
  • A Qingxit can mark a place to eat and/or drink.
    47.609154 -122.34321 The Pike. sweet beer, good good. Get the Monk's Uncle.
  • A Qingxit can mark a place for art.
    42.371864 -83.06778 paint was loaded into fire extinguishers, the paint was then allowed to drip down the wall on this building
  • A Qingxit can mark a place of history.
    33.677322 -106.474884 The world's first nuclear bomb was detonated here on this spot.
  • A Qingxit can mark a roadside attraction.
    42.52276 -83.12027 General Caster Service has a big caster wheel out on the lawn in front of their building.
  • A Qingxit can mark a place of sport.
    34.02568 -81.04407 The first hole on this disc golf course is hard to find, I thought I would help you out. Great course, though.
  • A Qingxit can mark a place of nature.
    32.85989 -79.89643 wando is a cool name for a river.
  • A Qingxit can mark a museum.
    45.202601 -123.166361 Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. The Spruce Goose is here and it is BIG!

The possibilities are endless. That's why we need you! Become a QScout, get out there, and lay down Qingxit to show the rest of us and the world.