What's That Sign Post Up Ahead?

Qingxit Category Legend/Key

ArtQingxit that is art. Could be art created by you, me, or Mother Nature.
EducationalQingxit that is educational, a place to see and learn.
EntertainmentQingxit that is or offers entertainment, a movie, concert, casino, or resort for example.
EventQingxit that labels an event like the chile cookoff or county fair.
Food/DrinkQingxit that identifies food and drink or the establishment there of.
FunnyQingxit that makes you laugh.
HazardQingxit that identifies a hazard, as in weather, road, or mother-in-law.
HistoricQingxit that shows a place of historic significance.
LodgingQingxit that identifies a place to stay.
MuseumQingxit that shows a museum.
NatureQingxit that is nature. Could be a place to view the sky, that lake, or a mountain for example.
ParkQingxit that identifies a park for play or picnic, or a rest stop for example.
RetailQingxit that shows where to shop for any type of product.
Roadside AttractionQingxit that identifies something worth seeing like that giant ball of twine or other tourist traps.
SportQingxit that shows any type of sport for watching or playing.
TransportationQingxit that identifies a form of transportation like a bus, or train, or airport gate. Even a ski lift.